The raw materials we use are of highest quality and chosen for their skin conditioning and performing capacities. Still got questions? Then these notes may give you an insight where the materials come from and what they do for your skin:

Chamomile hydrosol – the aqueous extract of the chamomile is especially helpful for sensitive, rough, brittle, dry and irritated skin. A soothing relief! It has anti-inflammatory, tonifying, balancing and skin-soothing properties.

Glycerin – Vegetable. Derived from non-GMO palm oil. Hydrates, helps to ensure the skin elasticity.

Hydrastis Canadensis Root Extract – Extract from Golden Seal Root. Skin nourishing, masking

Isostearyl Palmitate – Ester from Palmitic Acid and Isostearyl Alcohol. Moisturizing effect.

Lecithin – Sourced from sunflower. Emulsifies, soothes, skin-conditioning.

Palm Oil – Only a few of our ingredients are derived from palm or palm kernel oil. Palm Oil as an ingredient will never ever be used in our formulas.

Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter – Fat from the seeds of the Eastamazon Cupua tree with unusually high water binding capacity, supports the regeneration of the skin barrier, soothes skin and redness.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – Sourced from sunflower. Serves as an antioxidant, is moisturizing, cell-regenerating, blood circulation-promoting.

Vanilla Planifolia – Vegetable. Protects and smoothes the skin. And the signature scent of some gorgeous products of ours.